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Make 2 into 3

It´s Monday the 2nd of September 2019. I look at my ringing alarm clock and realise at the same moment: today my apprenticeship at VISUELL begins! Happy and a bit nervous I make my way to the studio in Tübinger Straße for the first time on this morning.

Since my childhood I have been very creative, I have always done a lot of handicrafts, decorating and with a lot of love for detail. After the Abitur, I worked in the areas such as office, logistics, medicine and finally I found my dream job: Media Designer digital and print at VISUELL.

For almost three months now I am one of the three current trainees at VISUELL and learn something new every day. Be it the logo design for a tender, important information about typography or the layout of an article in the area of editorial design.

Only this week something special was on the agenda again: Laureen and I went to Wilhelma for a morning to take photos of plants! Equipped with two cameras, an additional macro lens and lots of anticipation, we took pictures of all kinds of beautiful plants in the greenhouses and tropical houses. The pictures, which are now still being edited, finally end up in my first big project of my own: a self-designed calendar. The goal here is for me to get to know the single lens reflect camera with its manual settings better and to get a feeling for composition.

Right from the beginning I was involved in projects and therefore integrated into the team – one of many reasons why I already feel very well taken care of at VISUELL. And it is just beginning!