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A dream come true – a joint lecture with my daughter! In October 2022 we start the "Editorial Design" lecture in the Information Design course.

How did that happen? For years, students at the Media University have been completing their practical semester at VISUELL and later often find a permanent job in our team. AIn addition, I am repeatedly asked to act as a second examiner for bachelor theses and I am happy about these special challenges. In the summer we get a call asking if we would be interested in teaching the topic of “Editorial Design” in the 2022 winter semester.

The idea of ​​combining my experience with Laureen's new and fresh design, is very well received. So we develop our concept for the lecture together. Above all, students should think freely and dare to try new things. In the theoretical part, the students work in groups of two to create presentations about well-known designers such as Neville Brody, David Carson, Stefan Sagmeister, Jonathan Barnbrock or Jessica Walsh. This input inspires the students so much that standard is quickly no longer an issue.

The examination piece will be a magazine with a minimum of 24 pages. A freely selectable fairy tale is the content basis, whereby the core state­ment is to be transformed into a current topic. This works very well for everyone and shows the high level of creativity of everyone.

The lectures are really fun, we teach topics such as composition, color and image, layout, typography, format, binding and printing techniques. The students are highly motivated. Different papers, special binding work and unusual formats inspire so much that we feel that print is something special for everyone. In the end we hold 16 great works in our hands, feel the exhaustion of the students, but also the great enthusiasm about their own copies.

The great praise from the students confirms our work and makes us very happy. We get a lot of positive e-mails, the following one is making us particularly happy and motivates us for the future: "I'm incredibly grate­ful for everything I was able to learn from you in this course – especially that I can have more confidence in myself."

We gain a lot of new insights from our lectures, because we really learn a lot when we teach. We are already looking forward to the next semester.