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Akko live

Behind Akko is the type designer Akira Kobayashi, better his initials. He was born in Japan and studied at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo.

With his Latin alphabets, he won numerous international awards. He designed the extensive Akko typeface family. For the BEST CARS 2017 project, we successfully proposed this modern typeface to Motor Presse Stuttgart. We used Akko in the various media for print and projection and were very pleased with its clear, friendly and contemporary look. We wanted to visit the Type Director of Monotype and ask him some technical questions. After several email correspondences, we made an appointment. The VISUELL delegation Kim, Laureen and Hansjörg were very friendly welcomed by Akira Kobayashi in his place of work at Monotype in Bad Homburg. The spacious, well-equipped meeting room immediately created an open atmosphere in which we could ask our questions and the typeface artist answered with concentration and rich knowledge. The interview will be published in May 2017 in VISUELL magazine #3.