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TYPO 2017

With fresh inspirations, crazy ideas and creative input we are back from Berlin. Also, this year some of us were at the TYPO 2017.

The congress about design, branding, typography and creativity offers new space for thinking. Therefore, the questioning of the design isn´t missed out. Where lies the responsibility as a designer? What can we ethnically support and how do we face problems of our time? A socially and economically critical thinking supports us to include sustainability, human rights and the environment.

But also, practical workshops of Typo have enriched us with new tips and tricks. Here we were able to work out and learn how to sketch notes, as well as how to do lettering and rope lettering.

The pulsating and lively Berlin life also carried us away again with unusual restaurants, shops and people. The three days ended on Saturday with the Typonight in the Haubentaucher.