Open Eyes //

EDCH 2018

We spend three days on the EDCH in Munich the ideas conference for editorial design, visual story-telling and digital content and listen excited to 70 international designers, journalists, illustrators, photographers, publishers and other creative ones. 

Under the motto “look behind and beyond portfolios” we are allowed to learn from the best heads of the industry.

What is exciting about the lectures are the different facets that are dealt with. The conference gives us findings and inspiration for our daily work and new projects. We get new insights into work of other creative ones.

The lectures by Achim Marbach, editor-in-chief of the high-end magazine TUSH, who, from hair stylist to artist agent, magazine publisher and internationally renowned photographer, tackles everything he wants to do – and with resounding success.

Totally topical was also the discussion with Adina Popesca, who is developing a 4D platform called EARTH on Blockchain, where everybody can contribute to document, view and counteract climate change at different places on our planet.

We were particularly enthusiastic about the art director of sternCrime magazine – the first German-language magazine dealing with real crimes. Even though the advertising department has always been convinced that it is not worthwhile to market crime, the magazine is now hitting the market like a bomb. Sometimes you just have to go for it – even if something threatens to fail at first.

During the breaks, we were able to browse through the presented magazines and let ourselves be inspired. The sternCrime magazine had to be taken along, of course.

Many thanks for these three great and so informative days in Munich. What we take away with us is "to do, do, do", not to let yourself get down and to hold on to your dream. You can achieve everything if you only want to!