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3 months production, 3 days construction, 3 hours event - that is BEST CARS for AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT.

For many years VISUELL has been designing, planning and staging the most important award ceremony of the leading German mobility magazine. In addition to a comprehensive media production in animation, video and print, three days of construction are behind such an event. During these three days, we transform the international congress centre of Messe Stuttgart into an automotive firework of light. 60 LED strip lights frame a fourteen-meter screen and two-meter high cube lights float above the auditorium. But these are not only decoration, but an essential part of the staging. Synchronised with the screen image, we control a total of over 200 lights throughout the room, putting the prize winners in the right light.

The time-lapse video below shows the wo-/manpower required for such a setup - from the empty hall to the finished event. At this point, also a huge thank you to a great team at VISUELL and to all partners! Impressions of the event itself can be seen shortly on our project page.