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Digitalisation, Networking and intelligent systems – industry 4.0 changes as well the lifting and conveying industry. The networking of cranes and hoists as well as the data monitoring and transmission increase the safety of the system, minimize failures in the production and enables automised processes. At the LogiMAT 2019 STAHL CraneSystems present future-orientated developments and innovations following the motto “Intelligent solutions in lifting technology”. But how do you explain networked systems on an exhibition stand, that only work due to the interplay of various hoists in a factory hall?

Our team for STAHL CraneSystems develops a clever solution: We bring the STAHL CraneSystem´s factory simply with us – digital and interactive. The challenge is to stand out at the trade fair but as well to offer content depth to expert visitors. We implement those two levels proverbially in a media installation.

On four 55-inch monitors we show a 4k video from the hall in which of course the employees work with their networked hoists. At a distance in front of it, a second level of transparent touch screens, which make the invisible visible. The specifically programmed surface shows synchronously to the video the networked interplay of the hoists and and invites the user to interact. By touching the screen, the visitor can find out what´s behind the technology and can learn about the exact functioning. The enormous size of the installation is striking and allows several visitors to use it at the same time. That is how the media installation is not only an interactive screen but as well an attraction point and networking platform between engineers and interested people while exploring the functions together.