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Under the Roof

We move between tradition and change at the 10th event under the roof. An evening that confronts current issues with optimism and activism and wants to carry everyone away.

In the run-up to the event, everyone from VISUELL dealt with the topic "Upcycling", implemented an idea and designed a poster for it. This resulted in a small exhibition, which should invite every guest to rethink and to think along with us. The message – VISUELL is sustainable, not only in its design.

Traditionally, our guests bring good weather under the roof. For the good mood of all, there are homemade summer cocktails "BlueberryKiss", canapés and strawberries from the field. At 18:45 Alexander Knaus comes to the lectern and welcomes the guests, who as usual have come in large numbers. He leads us briefly and crisply through the project years of the “Nacht des offenen Denkmals” ("Night of the Open Monument"). Every year a new tricky challenge with a sophisticated solution.

"Print is not dead", the opening words of the next lecture. Laureen Knaus talks about the re-design of the ADAC magazine and gives a short introduction into the world of editorial design, which is easy to understand for everyone. As the third speaker from our own company, Fabian Schöttle, gives us a well visualised and exciting insight into the interior design of the "Best Cars" awards ceremony. Our guests are also allowed a glimpse behind the scenes of this major event, because after all we are among ourselves.

With the design and use of public space, the event also continues directly, Sebastian Klawiter shows impressively what can be done with unused urban space. Even the place under the Paulinenbrücke, which for many people is rather a place to avoid, the “Stadtlücken” ("city gaps") make it a place to stay and design.

The last speaker of the evening would have been found in such places some time ago. Philip Walch is not only a designer but also a graphite artist. It is precisely this background that led him to deal with letters and typography, already during his studies and later in his bachelor thesis. His topic, Variable Fonts - font design on a mathematical basis and changeable via sliders. Five lucky guests can delve even deeper into the topic, because as every year there is a raffle, this time to win the book by Philip Walch.

With candlelight under the roof, the guests were able to fortify themselves at the buffet. Parma ham, salami, Italian cheese, olives, fresh bread, tomatoes and a glass of wine were available for everyone to choose from. We ended the evening with interesting conversations.