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Free Fall

True to the motto “There is no WLAN in the forest, but a much better connection” one of our VISUELL teams consisting of Laureen, Annika, Lea and Omar, heads off to the forest climbing park in Weinsburg near Heilbronn for team building. Beforehand the mood is down: fear of height and control mania would like to keep us on the ground but we don’t give up so easily.

After a short introduction into the safety technique and the route system of the park site from Sabine, the climbing park coach, we go for the first climbing route. All routes are coloured depending their difficulty degree – the brighter the colour the easier the route. We start slowly at first and try a yellow one. In the beginning, we are very cautious and shaky on the way, but soon the ambition and the fun of climbing grabs us. One by one we pass the different sections of the climbing route on platforms in between the routes we wait for each other and cheer us on.

The highlights of the climbing park are for sure the ropeways, also called “Flying-Fox” that are involved in nearly every route. Sometimes, you can “fly” up to 100 m through the forest. Another highlight and at the same time the end of the most difficult, the “black” route: a 13-metre-high platform from which there is only one way back down: jumping. The free fall with its rapid free fall feeling really pushes us to our limits – and makes us sweat. But in the end, of course, we all take the safe jump into the depths and learn to let go.

The success of a project stands and falls directly with the seamless cooperation and communication of the entire team. Team-building trips like this one ensure that all team members grow together as a unit, overcome challenges together and support each other. And of course, they are a lot of fun too! We from VISUELL take great experiences from Weinsberg with us to Stuttgart and have a cool beer at the Neckar river at the end.