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Beaming faces. Suddenly the sound turns on and the tension rises. Squeaking tyres. Open your eyes. Every full hour five minutes of excitement and action from trail junior world champion Oliver Widmann. With ease, he jumps with his bike on just a few of the STAHL CraneSystems the exhibition stand. Bright eyes, amazed faces. This breathtaking sight gives me goosebumps myself. This body control is unbelievable.

Skilfully staged, a stage that can be seen and is seen. After the show is before the show. No sooner Oliver Widmann has put his bike aside than guests of the business fair beam at him. He is the magnet with special attraction. Beside conversations with excited fans, autograph cards and pictures are distributed. That the visit to the business fair could be that interesting would nobody have dreamed of before.

Sometimes you have to bet something before you win – like trail junior world and Europe Champion Oliver Widmann. Already at the age of 10 he became enthusiastic about this sport. Our thank goes to STAHL CraneSystems that made this special and unique moment possible. Even in the smallest of spaces VISUELL creates rooms that can be used in many ways. We framed the corner stand with large prints. A screen shows the cinema spot designed and produced by VISUELL to attract trainees for STAHL CraneSystems. Pallets and heavy boxes enable the levels created here to be used in a variety of ways. STAHL CraneSystems definitely has what it takes to lift.