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Think ahead

Covid-19, Corona – there are other terms for the virus which is currently “on everyone´s lips”. Of course we have also dealt with this topic. Therefore, right from the beginning we thought about what positive can be taken out of this situation and how maybe even something good can come of it. Due to a combination of concentrated energy and a whole lot of ideas we get started.

In order to please some of our long-known customers during times of Corona we sent them tiny mill games made of wood that came with a little greeting. This surprise met with immediate success and thus we moved on to our new project with great enthusiasm – the VISUELL-newsletter! The newsletter will be published every season and sent by mail. It deals with exciting projects, competition and interesting events. Thus the recipient is always up to date and also receives a digital greeting from Tübinger Straße.

Besides many small projects our library under the roof has been extended and so now even more reference books can move in and be browsed through! With us, design never stands still, whether in the studio or from home. Like many others, we were at times in the home office. A small insight into this can be found in the GIF below.

In order to get enough energy for those many new projects, our managing directors surprised us with something special – the got a proper foosball table! No longer made of cardboard - now ready for any tough match, he waits under the roof for his bet and one or two legendary duels.