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There is an active buzzing an humming on the meadow behind the StadtPalais. The well-kept, green meadow has transformed within only a few days into a wild paradise for butterflies, bees and other insects. The meadow is named “Hermann´s butterfly meadow”. But who is Hermann?

Hermann is the big, bright pink butterfly who thrones in the middle of the meadow. He accompanies the visitors from September 26th, 2020 through the escape exhibition “Stuttgart in lost time” which we from VISUELL create.

So that everyone could dive into the topic of butterflies I designed different wooden shields for the meadow. On these signs Hermann's friends, i.e. different butterfly species, introduce themselves. During the process I learned many things about those colourful butterflies.

Not all butterflies are the same. Obviously they differ in their features such as size, shape and colour. Furthermore, there are many differences between different species. Some butterflies prefer the warmth whereas others rather stay in cold areas. So-called "migrant butterflies" even spend the winter in the warm south. However, there are other tactics to flee the winter, for example to hibernate on the attic.

Those clever fluttering animals have many creative ideas to hide from their enemies. The peacock butterfly uses an optical illusion in order to protect itself from predators. When unfolding its wings, the large eye spots become visible. To its predators the illusion looks like the eyes of a large animal. Some butterflies are also demanding when it comes to their choice of nectar and thus feeds exclusively on his "favourite food" such as butterfly bushes and thistles. So if you want to enjoy the beautiful little animals in your garden, you should definitely remember this for your next visit to the garden centre. It is worth it!

Meanwhile I walk the world much more aware and I am happy about every single butterfly that crosses my way. And when I can figure out the species I am even more happy!

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