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Bye, bye!

As a young person you usually smile and roll your eyes when you hear that time is "running" – but when I look back on my apprenticeship, time does not run, it races!

More or less yesterday was my first day at Visuell and now the time here is already over for me. Besides my excitement, I remember how Johannes tried probably an hour to explain me the difference between white and black arrow in Illustrator :D – I would have loved to learn everything at once on the first day, but I soon realised that I prefer to do it step by step, in stages.

Especially in the first 1 ½ years Angie and Sandra helped me to understand all the basics with a seemingly never-ending patience. Soon I got my first own tasks. Writing the first email on behalf of Visuell, the fright­eningly ringing phone or the first time sending print data took a lot of courage from me at the beginning. But as time went by, these hurdles became smaller and smaller until they were no longer obstacles and new ones were added. At this point, of course, Dani must also be mentioned, who not only showed me the unbelievably amazing possibilities of InDesign, but was also there when I took my first steps in writing and supported me with words and deeds. Bit by bit I have completely immersed myself in the world of design and print, I was present at print approvals, customer appointments and, together with Johannes, I realised our own project almost entirely on our own.

There are so many things I have experienced here, but the two further training courses to London and Gmund/Munich/Innsbruck were particularly great. Visits to museums, delicious restaurants or action at dizzying heights – I never thought I would ever let myself be abseiled headfirst from the Olympic Stadium! Not to forget the slight orientation difficulties during dinner in the Olympic Tower, which is spinning all the time – you could almost sit at the wrong table.

I am grateful for all the experience, the knowledge and the joint trips at Visuell but what really makes Visuell what it is are the many different people who work here:

I will especially remember Hansjörg, because if the line fall is not at all aesthetic, if a divis has sneaked in instead of a dash or if I use wrap-around majuscules as a design element, then I have to smile, because I know exactly what Hansjörg would have said. Through his typography lessons I have learned what the correct use of typography can achieve and how an entire design can rotate 360°.

Thanks to Kim, who is really a bundle of energy, I now know how to organise really quick and with ease a Christmas party for over 400 employees or how to quickly conjure up a syrup, yeast dough or bee sting cake and who helped me with advice and support during my final exams.

Especially in this more stressful examination phase, when I had a little slack, a good chat with Sarah at the bank was always helpful and strengthened me. Sarah, who is really kind-hearted and always cares about the well-being of everyone. A fantastic interior designer who gives everything!

Important supporting parts of the scenography are also Aline and Daniel, who are both always so smiling and helpful that you can't help but like them.

But when nothing works out or I want to share my success in plant care with someone, Annika is there! She is a calm person mixed with a lot of skill and always equipped with new input for creative lunch menus.

I always like to talk to Petra because she is so warm and has an incredible joy in design and also designs the most loving friendship books for her son Tom that I have ever seen.

With a lot of patience Stefan introduced me to the world of Typo3 and by the way, with swabaian raviolis and a sweet pastry you can put a smile on his face.

That the "Horst effect" is real is confirmed by its eponym himself again and again. Because no matter if computer or printer, apparently by his sole presence Horst makes everything work again. The sympathetic counter-question "Hasch´s heh g'macht?" should not remain unmentioned :D

Marie not only shares my enthusiasm for musicals, but always remains the overview at Visuell and with her ease I am sure that she will master her apprentice­ship wonderfully.

When it comes to humour, Yannik is at the forefront, because his word jokes have already caused me to laugh a few times.

With seemingly endless energy Alex and Laureen encourage everyone to give a little bit more and thanks to Priska I always remember to let filler words like “now, also etc.” disappear from my texts.

And finally JOHÄÄÄN!- When my mood is rather hot or in the basement, he is simply the calming influence. Together we laughed a lot, had one or the other discussion and in the end always supported each other. Our joint project, the bee calendar book and our award for it, was really a highlight. Thanks!

And now there is only one thing left to say: Bye, bye!