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Go digital!

The ETM Verlag readers’ choice, the ETM Award 2020, will also take place this year. A total of 8,125 readers chose the best commercial vehicles, the “Best Truck”, “Best Van” and “Best Bus” in 16 categories. As well as the 27 winners chosen in “Best Brand”.

The event, which otherwise takes place live, will be a virtual award for the first time! For this, a lot of rethinking has to be done because we don’t just want to digitize a stage! No, the conditions are suddenly different – we are more free, we can make many things possible and tell a whole story. We don’t want to show that we are virtual because of the corona break. Rather, we want to argue from the other side. Because the idea is to show a reader evaluation that is strictly secret for the target group but is accompanied by a notary – safe and protected in a space that we could not guarantee on stage. A mission on which the presenter and Oliver Trost, the managing director of ETM Verlag, embark on. In this way, for the first time, we can also reach more people who are otherwise not invited. In addition to the winners, all readers are now added to the target group.

We consciously decide against a perfectly lit studio situation. Consistent to our story, we use hard light, a moving camera. Due to the fast cuts at the beginning of the film and the futuristic magical atmosphere, we want to show a thriller, not a flawless glamor world. Our idea is rough and cool like the commercial vehicles that are involved. Instead of the decorated ballroom, our presenters are in the top secret research laboratory. The brand new EMC laboratory at DEKRA was used for this. –Small note on the side: Due to the high demand for the laboratory, we have exactly one day to prepare everything and have it complete. – The rather factual, statistical topic of the award ceremony is loosened up by creative video clips and messages from the winning companies, who thank the participants in the readers’ choice.

The whole time frame was a huge challenge! Under top performance, we have just two weeks left for the complete implementation from the storyboard to the equipment, organization, shooting to editing, dubbing, working out the effects and precise rendering for the deadline, which everyone is waiting for.

One thing has become clear to us: New times require new ideas, flexibility and creative minds and above all – DOERS!

ETM Award 2020 – the virtual award in full length