Making of //

Three days

Storyboard, setting, schedule – everything is fixed. Laureen, the producer, and Dennis, the cinematographer, did a very good job to keep everything running smoothly. All the shootings for Best Cars 2021 should be made within just three days. For the setting, we chose a former Opel garage in Stuttgart East.

VISUELL is responsible for everything. Stefan and Luis take care of the catering. Already two days before the start, we go shopping and the first warm meal, a stew, is prepared. Good food while filming is essential, so that there is always a good mood on the set. Marie is responsible for the make-up, a big challenge during Corona times. Teresa and Marit take care of the constantly changing scene, this requires utmost concentration and sensitivity. Priska is responsible for the Corona hygiene and safety measures. She makes sure that all measures are followed and provides the specific hygiene material. Particularly the catering and styling team must be briefed precisely. During the shooting, a complete folder is filled with documents, so everything is documented and traceable. Horst takes over the sound as usual and Yannik assists with the light. I take photos on the set and I am ready to help with unexpected tasks.

Already two days before we started I organized 80 heavy concrete blocks so we could cover the roof light of the garage with a huge canvas from the outside. Not a problem under normal circumstances, but a real challenge during Corona. Luckily a hardware store in Bernhausen is very compassionate and provides the material for free. My sturdy Volvo then has to serve as a transporter.

During the shoot, everything works fine and the schedule fits perfectly. Good preparation pays off! After three days everything is ready, we are worn out, but also very satisfied. Now it's time to cut, dub, color grading, motion design and rendering. But first it's time for a beer, many happy faces and a well-deserved weekend!