[Translate to English:] VISUELL – STAHL CraneSystems – All in One – Startseite MarketingPortalplus
[Translate to English:] VISUELL – STAHL CraneSystems – All in One – Startseite MarketingPortalplus

STAHL CraneSystems

All in One

STAHL CraneSystems is one of the leading manufacturers of lifting and crane technologies. Over 150 partners worldwide in more than 50 countries use the know-how and the knowledge of the expert. Employees of STAHL CraneSystems receive information so far via three platforms. The intranet, the extranet and the MarketingPortal which is especially for marketing purposes with an integrated shop. Three platforms meant content in partly triple version and triple work. For this reason, our customer wanted a new cross-platform intranet. A real mammoth project.

Over 10.000 technical data sets in two languages are managed by the company´s network. In order to optimise the process a solution needs to be found which combines all three existing platforms. We develop a concept for a new cross-platform that persuades our customer straightaway. 

Many meetings, some dead ends, countless lines of script and 620 days later the MarketingPortal plus goes online. It contains 360 pages in two languages and more than 15,000 data records and as many download files. Every single data record was checked before being ported.

The MarketingPortal plus is very popular with all users, it is self-explanatory and simply contains everything that is needed around the clock!
Heike Metzger, Project Manager Marketing & Corporate Communication

Four access levels precisely define the visibility of individual documents and directories. Employees of STAHL CraneSystems have access to all data, partners according to their authorisation level (e.g. by certification or country affiliation). The individually programmed responsive design enables optimum presentation of the extensive technical tables and shop on computers, tablets and smartphones. An additionally programmed interface enables the customer to enter new data into the portal as usual.