Best Cars 2020

Motor Presse Stuttgart is one of the biggest special interest publisher houses in Europe. Each year the readers of auto motor und sport vote the best cars of the year and answer questions all around the topic of mobility. The winners and results of the statistical analysis are announced to an international audience at a gala event. Since many years VISUELL is responsible for the complete production.

In a several days long workshop we develop ideas and concepts. The challenge is to present the winner cars in an appropriate light. Therefore the addressing of the target group plays a major role: The interest must be aroused and the tension curve must be kept high. That is why the interplay of projection, light and sound are important for the implementation.

The many positive, enthusiastic and appreciative feedbacks are an incredibly pleasing response and spur us on.
Jörg Mannsperger, Managing Director MOTOR PRESSE STUTTGART

VISUELL presents different concepts. Due to the help of VR glasses the Motor Presse team can dive into the event beforehand. The virtual 360° tour with intuitive operation offers a realistic room experience and fast orientation. Thus the ideas exchange during the meeting is taken on a new level. 

In the final implementation the foyer and room situation is completely new and offers the guests a networking space. Five big LED walls and four movable spot light rows form a projection screen on stage. During the event the walls are lifted up with the help of hoists.

Thus we offer the managing directors and the award winners a great appearance. The press wall which becomes visible after the walls are lifted up serves as an ideal photo background. That is how a dynamic stage design is created which due to well-chosen light and sound effects offers an audiovisual and impressive experience. The award ceremony BEST CARS 2020 was completely created and implemented by VISUELL. From the invitation cards and the results brochure to the room and stage planning down to the smallest detail – our work. As in the previous years  (BEST CARS 2019​​​​​​​) project management and event direction complete our communication services.