Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle

Corporate Design

The Kultur- und Kongress­zentrum Liederhalle in Stuttgart is a pulsating place, a center of cultural and social life. Today it is one of the most important german cultural buildings. What makes these venue so unique is not just the extraordinary architecture and the wonderful acoustics. It's the people who fill the halls with music and bring them to life: World stars from classical music, jazz and pop as well as scientists, researchers and economic experts who meet to exchange their knowledge.

Not only the interior of the Liederhalle has been refurbished, the corporate design has also been revised. The consistent, striking appearance, which VISUELL has adapted and expanded, underlines the Liederhalle as a modern, sustainable event location.

Our CD was adapted by VISUELL to the fresh look in the renovated part of the building. VISUELL had a lot of empathy for the history, art and architecture of our house. We have greatly appreciated the expertise, creativity and reliability in working with VISUELL for many years.Tanja Bäuerle, Marketing

In close cooperation with the team at the Liederhalle, we analyze the existing corporate design, take a close look at the newly renovated interiors, and let the ambience affect us. In this process, a holistic design and communication strategy in which architecture, digital and print intertwine is very important to us. The colors and materials of the Liederhalle play a major role in this. We are defining a new world of colors with a new basic shade of blue that harmonizes with the interior.

According to the corporate design created by us, the design world focuses on the essentials and dispenses with distracting elements. According to the corporate design created by us, the design world focuses on the essentials and dispenses with distracting elements. It is a slightly rounded, low-contrast, grotesque font that is very well suited for volume texts. The font supports more than over 20 languages, which corresponds to the multicultural orientation of the Liederhalle. With the strong, dark shade of blue, Kultur- und Kongress­zentrum will present itself more modern, bolder and yet elegant in the future. The emphasis color bronze will be used more cautious and predominant as an outline.

According to the guidelines, a poster, so called moodboard, shows at a glance the look-and-feel and impact of the design. It gives the employees of the Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle a feeling for the holistic design, which simplifies the implementation of the corporate design in-house.

For the reopening of the Hegel and Schiller Hall area we implement the Corporate Design in a new poster campaign that shows the three topics „Green Events“, „Digital Events“ and „Renovated Rooms“.