ADAC Württemberg e.V.


The regional club ADAC Württemberg e.V. is one of the biggest automotive clubs in Europe. Their field of activity is far wider than that of an towing service. Under the umbrella of the ADAC Württemberg there are travel agencies, contract lawyers and tax consultants, crash and exhaust gas tests as well as the organisation of major events, also the coordination of over 150 local clubs. The ADAC is available to its members around the clock with advice and practical support on the subject of modern mobility. 

In spring 2016 we won the pitch for the development of a new communication concept for ADAC Württemberg. The task was to redesign the previous magazine “Lupe” and to create an online communication channel. 

In today´s fast moving an media-flooded times the question how communication can work arises more and more frequently. How can we reach the target group? Which channels are used? And how to get the latest news quickly and directly to the public? VISUELL rethinks, thinks lateral and new. During workshops and meetings we create a completely new platform DeinsMeinsUnsers. Different media channels such as social media, blog, newsletter and a printed magazine are used and networked. This platform enables interaction between all interested and curious ones and involves every age group.

The close cooperation resulted in a unique mix of print, web and social media products that were adapted perfectly to the target group. 
Melanie Hauptvogel, Head of Department Corporate Communications ADAC Württemberg e.V.

As the name suggests, DeinsMeinsUnsers is supposed to be a platform where everyone can take part in the design of the content. It informs about all topics around mobility and the ADAC Württemberg. In order to maintain a clear overview the magazine, Facebook, the blog and the newsletter are each divided into four categories. For the concept of DeinsMeinsUnsers VISUELL develops a fresh and modern design which adapts ,despite new elements, perfectly to the corporate design guidelines of the ADAC e.V. We define the harmony of content, text, photography and typography. Set poles, leave space, become more yellow, have clear statements and a clear visual language. In order to create a typical mood and a specific feeling that fulfils the topic, we define the paper, the print technique and the type of binding. In this project VISUELL is as well responsible for the development and the writing of the editorial. Beside the development of the content we bring in our skills in press articles and photography. Our team is full of enthusiasm on site. Thereby we adapt us restrained to the respective situation. For over 1.6 million members a platform for exchange, publication and information was created. Topic suggestions and articles could be sent by the members of the ADAC Baden-Württemberg to the editorial office. In the meantime the platform was dissolved out of logistics and cost reasons. ADAC members and interested ones receive the magazine “ADAC Motorwelt” in the shops.