STAHL CraneSystems

Editorial Design

STAHL CraneSystems specializes in the development, production and global sales of lifting technology and crane components. The company, headquartered in southern Germany, is one of the international market leaders for explosion-protected lifting technology and is one of the most successful providers of crane technology. The premium products are sold locally through a global network of subsidiaries, sales partners and certified crane builders and plant manufacturers.

In close cooperation between VISUELL and STAHL CraneSystems, a customer and partner magazine of the company appears several times a year for internal and external communication as well as for image maintenance.

For the relaunch of the magazine, we are analyzing, rethinking and questioning this means of communication, both the medium as well as the content. After extensive research and a careful conception phase, we are developing a new magazine: InMotion. Our editorial design is human, approachable and striking. InMotion is not an ordinary magazine about the product range of our B2B client. It's about good stories about the world of products, it's about the relationship with the target group. Easier: It's about a new form of branding. Where are the hoists and crane systems? Who are the people who work with the products on a daily basis? Who are the people who make these products? How does the sophisticated technology of the special solutions developed by STAHL CraneSystems work? We define three chapters: Worldwide, People and Technology.

VISUELL is a very special agency. Always open
for new and innovative ideas! Thank you
for the great cooperation.
Heike Metzger, Project Manager Marketing 

So we fundamentally questioned the medium of print magazines. And we stick to it – fully aware. Because it is such a precious moment to hold a product in your hands, to feel it, to smell it and to take the time for it.

At all levels, we convey high quality and professional content in line with STAHL CraneSystems. This starts with the choice of paper. The first impression counts. With paper from the Bauhaus series by Gmund, we get the attention of the reader. The subtle finishing of the cover arouses curiosity. The design underlines the new concept: striking pages, bright colors, full-surface images, large quotations and fine-line technical graphics. Whenever and wherever possible, we take photos ourselves and put people and technology in an emotional context. Telling stories that are read and that work is a fine art. We manage to get readers excited about something and leave a lasting impression by writing the articles in an emotional, attractive, captivating, but also technically accurate, precise, understandable and detailed manner.

Storytelling requires more freedom than classic product communication. With STAHL CraneSystems, VISUELL has a client who gives us unrestricted trust and makes short coordination channels possible. And so the new print magazine InMotion is a complete success. It appears in German and English and reaches both national and international partners and customers.