Stadt Stuttgart


Urban, mixed, vital – that’s Stuttgart West. But it is dominated by dense buildings, parking lots and high traffic volumes. These factors lead, among other things, to accumulated heat and a lack of fresh air corridors in the respective metropolitan areas. Almost everything is sealed …

On behalf of the Office for Urban Planning and Housing, we are preparing the contents of the master plan Talgrund West in an easily under­stan­dable way in order to increase the sensitivity for the undeveloped areas and greening measures of all those involved in the planning (approving authorities, architects, builders) as well as politicians, citizens and property owners. Many small unsealing and greening measures are to be initiated on private properties and in public spaces in order to promote the quality of living and the surrounding area.

An urban deve­lop­ment master plan is an informal planning tool. The development potential of an area is recorded and its future use roughly represented within – to put it simply: It gives suggestions for the use and development of areas and properties. The Office for Urban Planning has worked out this plan in detail over the past decade. In meetings and workshops, we create a concept for public communication and the appropriate media with those responsible at the office.

The cooperation with VISUELL worked extremely well! At first it didn't seem easy to make planning and building law topics understandable for everyone. The result should be something inviting and fresh, VISUELL helped us to achieve this with young vigor. I experienced our interaction in an uncomplicated manner and enjoyed it. The positive response from citizens, politics and architects shows us that this creative work has succeeded. Ingrid Schwörer, State Capital Stuttgart,
Office for urban planning and housing

It is clear to us that we need to find a design that appeals to different target groups and reflects sustainability - the green idea. A design that fits different media and considers the corporate identity of the city of Stuttgart. As a team we work out and develop the project name: grünstadtgrau. In order to illustrate the desired change we chose a color scheme that consists of lively green tones compared to sad, concrete-like gray tones. In accordance with the guidelines, we use the font DIN from Albert-Jan Pool and underline the official character of the city of Stuttgart.

To formulate a 55-page master plan in an understandable, informative and entertaining brochure for the general public is an exciting challenge. VISUELL develops a concept that leads the addressee from gray to green, that encourages rethinking, redirecting, changing, participating and starting. The topic is clearly communicated by using icons, illustrations and information graphics. In reference to urban planning and architecture, they are all kept in a simple, straightforward style.

In addition, we design and create an image film that is addressed to the population and in which the specialist information of the master plan is presented in a simplified manner. The film contains drone flight recordings through the Stuttgart Talgrund West and shows the before and after effects using specific examples of changes to the development plan. We represent these changes in the streetscape in the film with still images overlaid with animated drawings.

For the target group of architects and civil engineers, we are designing a flyer that clearly shows the most important points of reference based on the planning law and recommendations of the master plan using graphics and original plans. When folded, the flyer format corresponds to DIN A4. It can be hung up as a DIN A1 poster with an area-filling plan of the Talgrund West.