StadtPalais – Museum for Stuttgart


The StadtPalais – Museum for Stuttgart tells a wide variety of stories from the past and present of the state capital. Part of these stories are often personalities and companies that have shaped the city of Stuttgart and still do so today. KOSMOS Verlag is a part of this.  

Most of the german households will have a product of KOSMOS Verlag at home: An experiment kit, a game like CATAN, EXIT or Ubongo, The Three ??? or one of the many guides. However, very few people know that the publisher comes from Stuttgart. It was founded in 1822 by the Franckh brothers as Franckh’sche Verlags­buch­handlung. In 2022 the publishing house celebrates its 200th anniversary … and we have the honor to design and implement the anniversary exhibition.

Like the publisher itself, the exhibition is aimed at a broad audience from 6 to 99. There should be something for everyone. And 200 years of publishing history should also be told … Challenge accepted!

Four Worlds. In 2021 we win the pitch with our concept. The basic idea of ​​our concept consists of four worlds that appeal to different senses: There is the world of experiments, the world of books, the world of fantasy and the world of games. Each world has certain characteristics. the experimental world is active and factual, the book world is passive and factual, the fantasy world is passive and imaginative, the game world is active and imaginative. 

One cosmos. A cosmos emerges from the four worlds, which enables visitors to experience KOSMOS Verlag.  

Your adventure. To underline the interactive nature of the exhibition, we are developing an accompanying game inspired by the publisher's EXIT games. We cretae a framework story, give the Franckh brothers a face and voice and think of a special task for the visitors. There are two puzzles to be solved in each world. We supplement the worlds with four matching characters with different strengths: there is a tinkerer, a specialist, a dreamer and a player. Each character is represented by a regionally typical animal. 

The exhibition space is limited. We create a room in the room and rotate the floor plan. By rotating, we achieve a larger and more complex space effect. In addition, various zones with clear visitor guidance are created. Each world is placed in one zone. Similar to the characteristics of the world of books and the world of fantasy, these are rather limited, whereas the world of experimentation and the world of games are more open. The paths of the visitors cross in the lively and largest area in the middle – the world of games. 

With the design we underline the concept. Each world is represented by a color scheme tailored precisely to its characteristics, as well as by a meaningful pattern. This way the worlds differ not only in terms of content, but also visually. We choose a font with playful elements snd set accents in the corresponding worlds. 

In a joint workshop with the publisher and the museum, we define the exhibits for each world. We convert the content of each world into understandable and target group-oriented texts. For those who are particularly curious, there is a large board with the history of the publishing house in each world. For those who are not quite so enthusiastic about reading, we break down the content to the most important. We offer visitors an insight into the publisher's archive and tell the stories behind the products and brands. We attach particular importance to constantly establishing a connection to Stuttgart.

We are actively involved in the construction: We put up walls, glue, drill, hammer and saw, precious exhibits are presented under hoods and staged with the right light. The exhibition is ready in time for the press tour.

On the evening before the public opening of the exhibition, there is already a preview for invited special guests. Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann, Mayor Frank Nopper, the director of the StadtPalais Torben Giese and the managing director of KOSMOS Verlag Michael Fleissner give a speech. Among the guests are Benjamin Teuber - the son of CATAN inventor Klaus Teuber, the illustrator of the Three ??? and numerous other personalities from the publishing house network.