Like never before

Motor Presse Stuttgart is one of the biggest special-interest media companies in Europe. Every year the readers of the magazine AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT vote for the best cars of the year and answer questions about mobility. The winners and results of the statistical analysis are announced to an international audience at a gala event. VISUELL has designed this live event for many years.

This year, three months before the BEST CARS award, we adapt flexibly to the circumstances of the global pandemic and conceive a new idea. We create an interactive scrolly­telling website made up of various videos designed to maintain the entertainment character of an event. A virtual experience themed: “Like never before! An interactive experience!” is created. For the first time, we are not only reaching the professional audience of the automotive industry via this medium, but also the readers of the magazine AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT.

Our concept is clearly different from other virtual awards in its implemen­tation. Because we separate ourselves from stage motifs or filmed canvases and create a completely new movie world. Since there is no live audience, we are completely independent of place and time.

Also in this way of presentation, BEST CARS 2021 must do justice to the high-quality level of the previous gala event. We develop the idea of ​​an atmospheric garage setting in which the editors-in-chief will present this year's winners. Step by step the ideas and the design of all videos evolve. This includes an image film for the AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT brand, the awarding of the winning cars, the presentation of the brand image and the 2021 campaign topics for AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT, as well as the announcement of the winners of the new cars drawn in the survey. During the award ceremony, each car category is introduced with a thrilling trailer in which the music and style are adapted to the vehicle classes. We choose heavier music for SUVs and lighter, faster music for small cars or convertibles. Another highlight is the publication of the INTERNATIONAL PAUL PIETSCH AWARD with the guest appearance of this year's award winner Markus Schäfer, a member of the Board of Manage­ment of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG.

At the same time, the print media, invitation and brand image brochure are being developed and adapted to the current design concept: The set­ting is reflected in a dark appearance with bright, glowing neon effects. In constant dialogue with our client, VISUELL develops the design, story­boards and texts. Togehter with Dennis Krahwinkel as cine­mato­grapher and the team of drei­farben­panda, VISUELL is responsible for a profes­sion­al film shooting including direction, production design, sound, make-up, teleprompter technology and even in-house catering.

Of course, VISUELL complies with the requirements and guidelines of the professional association for this shooting during the corona pandemic and provides a representative. Many different sets and camera settings are planned and rehearsed in advance. And a logical shooting schedule in­clud­ing a shooting board were developped. Good planning – good result. The shooting is a full success.

With the interactive and cross-media award cere­mony, we were able to underpin the high standards of our renowned BEST CARS event virtu­ally. High access numbers and the positive feed­back from our clients impressively confirm that a special media mix of print, web and social media perfectly tailored to the target group has been created in close cooperation. Markus Eiberger, Director of the Marketing Division
Member of the management MOTOR PRESSE STUTTGART

We do the post-production with a lot of energy and motivation: editing, sound, color grading, other small shootings and finally the final scrolly­telling site. We examine and test the usability of the website and create an intuitive UI/UX design that guides the user through the page. Every­thing is in motion in this complex, large-scale project. Motion Design with extensive 2-D- and 3-D animations require complex content and conceptual work from us and give the videos the finishing touches. Especially the brand images by Markus Eiberger – the heart of the event – are virtually mapped into the room with statistical graphics to match the content.

On February 11th, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. BEST CARS 2021 goes online at Both digital, personal invitations and advertising on social media channels draw attention to the interactive experience. After just one day, the website already had 33,600 page views – a complete success.

With this project we have shown courage and future viability. Now we can look back on a successful and complex major project with amazing team work.