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Mini golf

The StadtPalais – Museum for Stuttgart is a special kind of city museum, it is a science center of urban culture. Future issues, architecture and urban issues are discussed here, the program ranges from the political debate to the Palais Party. It is known among Stuttgart residents for the imaginative and versatile use of the museum garden. The creative outdoor installations “Stuttgart am Meer” and “Stuttgart im Schnee” are very popular every year. In autumn 2020 the garden will be transformed into an adventure mini golf course. It takes up the theme of the exhibition “Stuttgart in the lost time”, that VISUELL has designed and realized.

Following the principle of sustainability, the mini golf course is made from materials from "Stuttgart am Meer". It transforms part of the urban space into an experience and playful space and is intended to inspire you to learn about history. A studio based in Stuttgart plans and builds the various mini golf lanes. VISUELL is responsible for the Information Design and the organisation and presentation of the information.

The site should be designed in a visually appealing way for different age groups. It should attract attention, stand out, be visible from afar and make you want to play a game of mini golf as you walk by. We want to encourage you to combine a visit to the Escape exhibition with a game of mini golf and vice versa.

The design of the mini golf course was visually implemented in record time and with noticeable passion and a great sense of detail. Dr. Yannick Nordwald, Exhibition Manager

Nine exciting, unkonventional Mini golf courses are built from recycled yellow wood from „Stuttgart am Meer“. Each lane is dedicated to a Stuttgart landmark. The yellow wood needs a new paint. Therefore we develop a color concept based on the corporate design of the Escape exhibition. We design nine Stuttgart landmarks and create stencils, with which the graphics are applied to the lanes. Butterfly Hermann and the rat Wera, the characters from the Escape exhibition can be found here and there in a strong magenta in the miniature golf course.

We design wooden displays for every lane. Here it is explained how the butterfly effect contributed to the fact that the respective landmark exists in its nowadays known form. A large sign at the beginning of the site explains the rules of the game. Good legibility and an appealing design are important for all boards so that it is fun to read and read completely.

Even the scorecard for the players' score, including small pencils with the StadtPalais logo, are designed and implemented by us. This creates a uniform corporate design for the escape exhibition and mini golf course. The interplay between the two experiences becomes clear and leaves a harmonious image for the visitors.

For the social media presence of the StadtPalais, posts for Instagram and Facebook are graphically implemented as a sequence of images.

Although the challenge of completing the project in parallel to the Escape exhibition within just two weeks is very big, the entire VISUELL team enjoys this task. We make quick, constructive decisions within the team as well as with our client and support each other with humor and energy.

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