Ministry of State Baden-Württemberg

Reduction of Bureaucracy

At the government press conference in Stuttgart on 26 November 2019, Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann announces the work programme for cutting bureaucracy for 2019/20. With almost 60 projects, bureaucratic hurdles are to be reduced in the future – the largest programme in the history of the state, adopted by the Baden-Württemberg government. In addition, the annual report 2018 on bureaucracy reduction, bureaucracy avoidance and better regulation is published.

The public tender of the Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg confronts VISUELL with the task to design the annual report and the work programme for the reduction of bureaucracy in a clear and friendly way and to present information in a structured way. In our design, we think one step further and produce sketches that visualise the topic of bureaucracy reduction and loosen up and complement the layout.

Bureaucracy is a topic that VISUELL also encounters more often and likes to get in the way of a creative process. However, the work programme promises improvement. In the future, many administrative procedures will be able to take place without media discontinuity. With the help of the different humorous, friendly and future-oriented illustrations we express the positive changes and simplifications that bureaucracy reduction can bring.

VISUELL has succeeded excellently in presenting the topic of bureaucracy, which is perceived by many as a bulky topic, in a clear and friendly way – and in addition under huge time pressure in, in excellent cooperation and with great flexibility.
Jens Braunewell, Head of Department 16

VISUELL starts with the editing of the work programme and annual report. This is followed by the design of the content. We focus on the advantages of reducing bureaucracy – not on the disadvantages of bureaucracy, which makes the work programme and annual report much more friendly. Since digitalisation plays a major role, this topic is reflected in our drawings. Through clear, informative graphics and diagrams we create a good readability and comprehensibility.

The work programme and annual report appear in a modern look just in time for the government press conference. Graphics and drawings complement the structured layout and at the same time loosen it up. The friendly design invites you to browse through and illustrates the relief that comes with reducing bureaucracy. Accompanying the introduction of Prime Minister Kretschmann and State Secretary Dr. Stegmann, the illustrations created by us are projected in the hall of the government press conference.