Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg

Simulated Worlds

Simulated Worlds is a project of the Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts Baden-­Württemberg. The interdisciplinary team of the Simulated Worlds has set itself the task of bringing simulation and mathematical modeling to schools. For this purpose project weeks and project days are organized, scholarships are granted and internships and excursions are offered.

VISUELL is conceiving and realizing a new TYPO3 website in responsive design, which the team from Simulated Worlds itself can maintain and fill with current content. The special thing about this project, the website is aimed at students, teachers and the public. For this purpose, the differ­ent needs and interests are addressed, texts and images are processed according to the target group. It must also be clearly shown that the Simulated Worlds are represented at several locations.

VISUELL took the time to understand our needs and to find a tailor-made solution for us. Oliver Scheel, Project Manager HLRS

We want to understand what is behind the Simulated Worlds, this is the only way we can structure correctly, appropriately write the text and create the design. To do this, we visit the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) at the University of Stuttgart, where the fastest supercomputer in Europe has been located since February 2020. The HLRS makes part of the computing power available for scientific work and industry.

In addition to the computer, the so-called CAVE is an important part of the Simulated Worlds. This is a room for the projection of a three-dimensional illusion world of a virtual reality in order to be able to convey simulation results. Several users can experience the possibilities of the virtual world at the same time. We test the 3D simulator and suddenly find ourselves in the middle of a hydropower plant – a great experience to feel the simulation very close.

Together with the Simulated Worlds team, we develop the important content for the website. We assort, organize and structure. An online inquiry form on the side makes the previous workflow easier. Brochures, videos, podcasts, press releases, software and teaching material for teachers are available in the download area.

I found working together with VISUELL to be very enriching, uncomplicated and characterized by a lot of understanding. The ideas and elaborations of VISUELL led to a perfect result for us, with which we can now continue to work individually. Doris Lindner, Project Manager HLRS

Color, shape, font and image create a modern, technical look for the reduced design of the website, whose guidance is intuitive and easy to grasp. Thanks to the responsive design, the website adapts aesthetically to any screen size, to tablet and smartphone screens. The animated header underlines the topic of the simulation. At the end of the project, the client Simulierte Welten receives training from us in order to be able to maintain the website itself and to post content in the future.