Dr. Sandra Fietkau

Visual Identity

The social education worker Sandra Fietkau supports and accompanies people as individuals or as groups or teams into a successful and positive future. With her sensitivity for people and from the external point of view of their problems, she works in the context of super­vision, coaching, moderation and process support for inclusion.

A visual identity is to be created for Sandra Fietkau, that corresponds exactly to her job as well as to her personality and that appears on the business card, letterhead and website.

It is clear to us that we want to find a unique, individual solution, custom-made for her. That means: color, shape, font, visual language and text have to be precisely coordinated so that a holistic synergy arises for Sandra Fietkau. The visual identity should appear human, warm and secure. Because the feel-good factor, the feeling of security, is very important for her work area in order to open up to her. A cool, business-like appearance would be wrong here.

VISUELL has taken a lot of time to understand what I am doing and why I am doing it.
You can see that in the new developed visual identity that suits me perfectly and was implemented very professionally. The collaboration with VISUELL was great, from the photo shoot to the consultation to the finished products.
Dr. Sandra Fietkau, Graduate Social education worker (FH), MBA

Together with Sandra Fietkau, we work out a meaningful structure for the work that she offers. We exclude areas and think about a coherent and easy-to-understand communication of her field of work, which is some­times difficult to comprehend in a short amount of time. In conversation we get to know her better and better and try to visualize her unique way of working. A concept emerges that we present to her. Light, delicate yellow stands for the hopeful color as a symbol for Sandra Fietkau. It is the foundation, shown as a linear shape that represents a frame. Her two working areas are represented with dynamic, amorphous forms in red and blue. Blue stands for the professional sector, red stands for the private sector. Small and large dots in many shades of grey that are closer and furthern away from one another or are even on the sidelines are symbolic for the inclusion.

The same is reflected in our chosen fonts. The straight­forward yet soft sans serif font FF Seria Sans is intended to reflect Sandra Fietkaus clearly structured way of working. In addition, the serif linear font Antiqua Charter is used as a decorative font and used for quotations. It is very soft and human.

In order to structure everything clearly we work out the wording together with her. We learn and research. While we accompany her work, we take photos and capture the moments that make her work with people so successful. 

Finally, we transfer it to the chosen media. The business card is on a heavy-weight uncoated paper. Laminated with a yellow paper, a yellow edge is created on the business card. The format is square and out­standing. The letter­head is created as a digital and a printed version. 

We program the website (https://sandra-fietkau.de) as a one-pager in responsive design. This way it can be adapted just as aesthetically to a large screen as to a smartphone screen.

Now we can show another visual identity in our portfolio, which we really enjoyed developing. This is where we see our strengths. We under­stand our counter­part and love to deal with people in order to develop a perfect communication strategy for them.