[Translate to English:] VISUELL-Projekt ECHT GUT – Urkunden im Detail
[Translate to English:] VISUELL-Projekt ECHT GUT – Urkunden im Detail

Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration BW


With its diverse range of responsibilities, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration Baden-Württemberg is the central ministry of society within the state government. With "ECHT GUT!"  the state honours voluntary commitment in 7 plus 1 categories.

The award has been presented for several years now. However, a younger, more modern approach to the competition was supposed to bring a fresh breeze into the commitment scene a few years ago and give new motivation.

Civic engagement unites many volunteers who all have one goal: all people of all ages should find their place in the community and be able to develop. When we received the assignment, it was immediately clear to us that everyone is part of a whole – and that's also what the prize, the trophy, must look like. Volunteering is diverse, volunteering is colourful and fortunately the colour palette is large. We have to reach as many people as possible.

On behalf of the Department of Civic Engagement in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration, we are working out the procedure for communication. We draw up flow charts for the various media and channels that need to be served before, during and after the competition. At the same time, we define the corporate design for the various print products in the application phase as well as for the event and exhibition. Regular Facebook posts and the newly designed website keep the committed people always up to date. The website, the blog and the Facebook page are editorially and contentwise supervised by VISUELL throughout the year in coordination with Department of Civic Engagement in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration.

For the development and design of the new trophy we are working together with Majolika Manufaktur Karlsruhe. The idea of being a part of the whole is implemented in the form of a total work of art consisting of 36 tiles. The winners of the individual categories will each receive a tile, i.e. a part of the whole. Only together will it form a picture. A second, identical total artwork remains with the ministry.

Many thanks to VISUELL and the team of ECHT GUT! for the very nice and highly professional cooperation. It was a lot of fun again!
Markus Brock, Host

The highlight was the presentation of the award at an evening event with the prime minister, the ministers and the prominent sponsors, which we newly introduced. The event was moderated by Markus Brock. VISUELL was responsible for the conception, implementation, course and direction of the event. We paid attention to every detail, no matter how small, so that it was an unforgettable evening for the committed people.

The rejuvenation cure was successful and the competition was successfully brought into the focus of the participants as well as the rest of the population. With the help of the competition and public activities, new forces are being won for civic involvement.