75 Years

In mid 1946, three motorsport enthusiasts, Paul Pietsch, Ernst Troeltsch and Josef Hummel, founded Motorsport GmbH in Freiburg. They were among the newspaper pioneers in Germany and their magazine DAS AUTO, now AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT, was one of the first magazines on the German-speaking market after 1945. The first edition appeared in December 1946. From this pioneering achievement, a media company with a broad, modern product range has grown in 75 years.

Today, MOTOR PRESSE STUTTGART is one of the most progressive and successful special-interest media companies and its more than 30 media brands also include AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT, MOTORRAD, MEN’S HEALTH, PROMOBIL, FLUG REVUE, OUTDOOR, CAVALLO or MOOVE from AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT. The brands are dedicated to four themed worlds: Mobility, Active Leisure, Sports and Lifestyle. True to the slogan >Specialized in passion; the media company is constantly expanding the existing brand worlds. This extends from the current print magazines to the rapidly growing digital offers and services for events and congresses and many other formats. On the occasion of the 75th anniversarys of MOTOR PRESSE STUTTGART an exhibition in the foyer of the editorial building tells the exciting history of the media company. On the one hand, the exhibition should be present and lively, on the other hand, it should not be too dominant. The history of the house is closely linked to the publisher Paul Pietsch, but describes not only his work, but the successful development of the company into a modern special-interest media company.

With the exhibition in the heart of our editorial building, we have created a space for the first time for the unique history of MOTOR PRESSE STUTTGART. The cooperation with our long-trusted partner VISUELL has once again proven its worth.
Dirk Johae, Head of corporate communications

Employees of the publishing house, their business partners and their guests are addressed as the target group. During the implementation, we pay close attention to the architecture of the building. What is the floor plan like, what should be emphasized, what can take a back seat? What is happening above, what is happening on the ground? How do we play with tradition, experience, modernity and size? What immerses the visitors into the story? The viewing directions and modes of action are important: the first impression is conveyed when passing quickly, eye-catchers encourage immersion, and precise information is obtained by stepping closer. Less is more! Only in this way can the finely selected exhibits, for example the Paul Pietsch trophies, be given the appropriate importance and undivided attention. We divide the foyer into two exhibition areas, each of which is introduced by an information column. In the left part, the exciting story of the racing driver and publisher's founder Paul Pietsch is told. The special highlight is the Bugatti Type 35 racing car, which can be experienced with the help of augmented reality. The history of the publisher up to today's media house is shown on the right. The concept: "From racing driver to publisher".

A timeline in the upper area of ​​the foyer connects both areas. The most important key data and all media brands of the last 75 years are impressively shown. The linear representation of each media brand creates an overall impression that clearly shows the size, growth and diversity of the house. The four categories are given four colors in our easily understandable information design, so that the magazines can be assigned immediately and intuitively. Four banners in the right side of the foyer take up the categories of mobility, active leisure, sport and lifestyle. Their width visualizes the weighting of the areas. The first issues of the magazines in each category are in a drawer unit. All other media brands can be experienced on a large screen. Everything here revolves around emotions, passion and experiences – endless streets with new cars, vintage cars, motorcycles, planes in the sky, horses on lush pastures, bouldering on the rough rock face, camping in wild nature. The highlight of this page is the representation of the 360° media world on a globe with a diameter of one meter. It shows the entire media world of MOTOR PRESSE STUTTGART and impressively illustrates the tension between print and rapidly growing digital formats, live events, congresses and many other formats.

75 years of MOTOR PRESSE STUTTGART: From the conception to the layout and design, the architectural room layout, the definition and planning of exhibit furniture as well as motion design and film editing to the installation of the exhibition, VISUELL realizes a staging planned as a temporary exhibition, which may even become a permanent exhibition.