StadtPalais Stuttgart

Solitude Racing

The focus is on what connects everyone – what inspires everyone. Since the history of the city and the urban present are lived and discussed in the StadtPalais – Museum für Stuttgart, this is the right place to tell the exciting episodes of the Stuttgart Solitude races. The eventful, breath­taking past should not be forgotten and should come back to life in an exhibition. With this goal in mind, VISUELL is developing a concept that reproduces the history of the Solitude races, which is characterized by emotions and sentimental value. This is condensed and told in just one room in the StadtPalais Stuttgart.

The first milestone in 1903 was the >reliability test< for motorcycles from the Westbahnhof to Solitude Castle, organized by the German Motorcyclist Association in Stuttgart. The Solitude circuit races develop from these mountain races with a festive ceremony. The competitions at Solitude will soon be the annual event highlight in Stuttgart. The Dutchman Piet Nortier, President of the World Motorcycle Federation, describes it as the most beautiful motorcycle race track in the world. The world's best drivers such as Joakim Bonnier, Graf Berge von Trips and Dan Gurney as well as local heroes such as Hans Herrmann, Eberhard Mahle and Gerhard Mitter drive here and achieve considerable success. Unexpectedly, after 62 years of racing history, the last race took place on a rainy gray day in 1965. The emotions of these legendary races cannot be conveyed over a timeline. We need tension, dynamic, action, smell that fill the room and electrify visitors of all ages.

The exhibition was a complete success that we are proud of. With great appreciation, we would like to thank all those actively involved who have contributed to this great result! Right from the start, it was a constructive and trusting collaboration that we, the curators of the exhibition, really appreciated. 
Claus-Henning Guthard/ Tobias Aichele / Hans-Joachim Ogger

The Solitude circuit is 11.5 km long. The room is 9x15 m². Too small? No! Creativity, a look back at one's own childhood and a suitable yardstick are sufficient. We are building a slot car racetrack based on the Solitude racetrack. This centerpiece of the exhibition is being created with the kind support of Carrera. Visitors can experience the route for themselves and get to know the individual route sections. The partly easy, partly delicate curves, the fast-paced straights become gripping challenges and let you feel the tension that was over the Solitude over 56 years ago. The six vintage slot cars underline the nostalgic perception. A contemporary Formula I racing car, a Porsche 804 (built in 1962) and a BMW R 68 motorcycle combination (built in 1952) should not be missing in this exhibition in order to capture the reality and authenticity. The viewer can experience these vehicles in real size and get a feeling for dimension, power and volume.

Original exhibits, racing suits, helmets, trophies, etc. by the former racing drivers Eberhard Mahle, Hans Herrmann and Gerhard Mitter, all of whom achieve their unforgettable successes at Solitude, are displayed in three showcases. Not only racing drivers but also visitors of the races collect valuable treasures over the years. In an additional showcase, collectibles such as old tickets, badges, pennants, programs and much more show their view of the events.

In this project we tell an extensive story that was not long ago, making it tangible through a rounded room concept. For those involved at the time, we recall memories. With families, young people, motorsport enthusiasts, people who are interested in the city's history, and many more, we arouse interest, emotions and sporting competition with the interactive exhibition concept.