[Translate to English:] VISUELL-Projekt saustark – Broschürentitel
[Translate to English:] VISUELL-Projekt saustark – Broschürentitel

Messe Stuttgart – SÜFFA

Going Strong

The SÜFFA has been around for a long time. The only trade fair for the butcher's trade both nationally and in neighbouring countries is organised by the Messe Stuttgart, which organises over 67 internationally oriented trade fairs and exhibitions each year at one of the most modern trade fair centres in Europe. Therefore, it was time to redesign the appearance and create new experiences and aha effects.

The aim of Messe Stuttgart is to maintain SÜFFA as a popular meeting place for the industry with an informative supporting programme and to show new trends to butchers working in the craft trades.

The redesign should not start with the logo and end there. The overall appearance and the way it addresses those involved must be more contemporary.

VISUELL developed the new appearance with a friendly wink. The shape of the logo remained untouched. But today it is used very dynamically and always differently. In combination with the red special colour and the turquoise spot colour a really strong recognition is created. Both the consistently clear, eye-catching line, cheeky icons and the red colour as well as the strongly changed verbal address give SÜFFA this modern character. The relaunch does not stop at the medals and winner's certificates that are awarded for the competitions. We are redesigning both and adapting them to the new appearance.

Since the beginning of our cooperation with the SÜFFA team, we have developed and implemented many details within the big line. The result is a consistent, holistic appearance that attracts attention.

Since 2010 VISUELL is our partner. The designed appearance gives our brand a clear line. VISUELL always manages to reinterpret the design and the wording.
Andreas Ott, Head of Communication