[Translate to English:] VISUELL-Projekt Superhelden – Titel im Detail
[Translate to English:] VISUELL-Projekt Superhelden – Titel im Detail

Motor Presse Stuttgart


The Motor Presse Stuttgart is an international company for special interest media and the biggest special interest magazine publishing house in Europe which publishes over 100 magazines in the subject areas of motor, lifestyle, sports and leisure.

In the sector of sports and leisure, the three brands MountainBIKE, RoadBIKE and ElektroBIKE cover via various media channels everything to do with biking. A new image brochure is intended to present the high potential of the bike brands to advertisers.

During the conceptional phase it turns out that a simple joint image brochure is not enough. What those three brands need is a strong, joint appearance in which nevertheless, each brand is able to present their own profile well. A team of different personalities with different skills who together stand for one thing …The result: The superheroes of the Motor Presse!  They support their readers in word and deed and are also the contact persons for Motor Presse advertisers for advertising on all aspects of cycling – always there when you need them.

In the cooperation with VISUELL was most impressed by how quickly and competently they familiarise themselves with a foreign subject and hit the nail on the head in the presentation and description of the worlds – simply refreshingly different.
Kirsten Brodersen, Overall Advertising Management Sports

In order to set the superheroes in scene correctly, we develop a brochure that deals with the heroes themselves (the brands) but as well with the makers behind the scenes (the journalists). In a superhero look the brochure provides the brands with versatile icons for each superhero. The comic-like style is underlined by the use of two different print finishings and shapes an individual visual language which is clearly recognisable through font, icons, colour selection and graphics.