[Translate to English:] VISUELL-Projekt Ausbrechen! – Outdoor-Welt der Motor Presse
[Translate to English:] VISUELL-Projekt Ausbrechen! – Outdoor-Welt der Motor Presse

Motor Presse Stuttgart

Breaking Out

Motor Presse Stuttgart is an international company for special-interest media and the largest publisher of special-interest magazines in Europe, publishing over 100 magazines in the subject areas of motoring, lifestyle, sport and leisure.

The outdoor section of Motor Presse includes the superheroes of the bike brands MOUNTAINBIKE, RoadBIKE and ElektroBIKE as well as the titles outdoor, klettern, PlanetSnow, DSV aktiv, CAVALLO and RUNNER'S WORLD. Motor Presse covers a large active target group in many different media – interesting for advertising customers who are not always aware that such a large and diverse outdoor world exists under the umbrella of Motor Presse.

For this brand area of Motor Presse, a superordinate overall presence has to be designed, which presents all brands together and reflects the enthusiasm of the creators for being outdoors.

Get out of the everyday life! Break out! Whether by bike, in running shoes, on skis or on horseback; whether a lonely hiking tour, climbing expedition or family outing by kayak – in all outdoor areas people are on an adventure and discovery tour.

It was a fantastic cooperation!
Carolin Brehm, Brand Manager, Sports and Lifestyle Division