[Translate to English:] VISUELL-Projekt DAS FEST – Abendstimmung
[Translate to English:] VISUELL-Projekt DAS FEST – Abendstimmung

STAHL CraneSystems


STAHL CraneSystems is one of the global leading manufacturers in lifting technology and crane components and a specialist for explosion-proof crane technology. The headquater is located in the area of the Hofratsmühle in Künzelsau. There STAHL CraneSystems is inviting guests to a large company party to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the location. All employees, former employees and their families are invited.

Worldwide in action – in Künzelsau at home. The settlement of the location Hofratsmühle has quite an emotional meaning to the employees. A whole working life at STAHL CraneSystems is the rule and not the exception. Therefore, it is clear to us: We create a festival with colourful regional dishes and attractions.

With the help of a landscape model we try out different opportunities in order to fill the company premise with life. Even a ferris wheel is in discussion. Finally, we decide to create a colourful funfair with many different booths and a big festival tent for the evening programme.

The crane games designed by us, are the main attraction. Controlled by original hoists, boxes have to be lifted through a course or a ball has to be maneuvered through a labyrinth as a team. In a quiz of generations, teams of alumni and trainees compete against each other by answering questions about the company, Künzelsau and general knowledge. The outdoor games and the varied food offerings are also popular with the guests. Especially, the ice cream is highly desired considering the perfect weather. 

"DAS FEST” was the absolute highlight of this year for our employees. Perfectly organised in every single way!
Werner Wagner, Managing Director

All guests receive the “FEST” ticket for the day which guides them through the programme and with a stamp action through the games on offer. Once you have collected all stamps you get the chance to win tickets for the Europapark Rust. 

In the evening, a varied stage programme for the 1300 guests is offered. The management takes a look at the past and the future, the STAHL CraneSystems choir performs and the company film edited by us celebrates its premiere. Finally, there is dancing until late at night to live music from pop and jazz.