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Saransh Sharma

Motion Designer B.Sc.

No codes, no limits, his mind is unspeakably free, his head is full of stories and the mischief sits on his neck. From real life - outside the computer - his stories flow into the galactic depths of a binary world and open up an overwhelming universe of emotions … a real Indian gem, our Koh-i-Noor.

Aussichtsplattform Zeppelinstraße

Zeppelinstraße 112 // 70193 Stuttgart

There is a place called Aussichtsplattform Zeppelinstraße Stuttgart in the West of Stuttgart. Every morning I pass by this point and take a closer look at the city. It's a beautiful spot to see the city I live in. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and under the big wide sky. You can see as far as your eyes can see, unless you don't have good eyes. There are a lot of good places to see Stuttgart but this place is very different. There's magic in the air at this place and if you are lucky to see the sunrise over the mountains … then you my friend have just experienced bliss. Wherever you go there are places that just settle in your heart and this place is one of mine. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out if you haven't and if you already know it then you can visit it again. What you seek is seeking you :)