Interesting – Amusing – Worth knowing and not worth knowing

2022 Laureen Seider and Luis Seider set the new direction: architecture and communication design, online, offline, analogue and digital. // It's going up again. Our first winter trip together after such a long time to the Silvretta Biehlerhöhe. 2021 VISUELL gets a table football yeah yeah yeah. // We develop and program the first real-time online game for the exhibition “Feingestaubt” at StadtPalais – Museum for Stuttgart. // Saransh Sharma, our first Motion Designer, likes to move it, move it. // The Year of Awards: Focus Open Silver-Award from Design Center Baden-Württemberg for the exhibition “Stuttgart in the lost time” at the StadtPalais – Museum for Stuttgart and pitch win for the Agilent world of experience. // Two of our new productions appear in the event yearbook 21/22.

2020 Luis Seider is the first passionate and freelance architect at VISUELL. // Summmm, our pretty calendar book 2020 receives the Gregor Calender Award. // We publish an article in Inapa's Compendium Sustainable Pub­lishing. 2019 … another pitch win: The first escape exhibition “Stuttgart in the lost time” at StadtPalais – Museum for Stuttgart. // Right at the top: our continuing education course in architecture in Innsbruck/­München. // The Best Cars event appears in the event yearbook 19/20. 2018 We win the pitch for the presentation of the Pleistocene in the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart.

2017 The annual training leads us far far far East to the world exhibition in Astana, Kazakhstan. 2016 No April Fool! VISUELL is active on Instagram! // We are rebuilding. The lower level is turned into the Ideen­werkstatt and thus offers even more space for creativity. // Our calendar book “nach­gedacht” is awarded at the Kalender­schau. 2015 Laureen Knaus is our first DHBW student of the media design course of studies at Hochschule Ravensburg. // We publish our first VISUELL magazine: FRED – fascinating, revolutionary, eloquent, cunning.

2014 Kim Aichholz is our 13th apprentice media designer. 2012 Our first assignment for a ministry: ECHT GUT! The honorary office in Baden-Württemberg. 2011 On the first of January Bernhard Gruber-Ballehr becomes the managing director of the scenography. 2010 Due to internal restructuring, four fields of our integrated communication evolve: print, scenography, press, internet. // We create the concept for the first VISUELL calendar book “nachgedacht”. // In May, the first event under the roof takes place.

2009 Our second website is launched online. 2008 Our first customer event: Schwaben­angst, an audiovisual crime production in the winery of the city of Stuttgart. 2007 Particular acknowledgement at the Kalender­schau in Stuttgart for the calendar “Einblicke 07”. 2006 We are rebuilding. A green oasis evolves in the backyard of the Ideen­werkstatt. 2005 The 400th book finds its permanent place in our VISUELL specialist library, more to follow.

2003 The training project “Individueller Wochen­kalender” is awarded at the Kalender­schau in Stuttgart. 2002 Analogue to Digital: We exchange the complete photo technology, miniature, medium and large format. 2001 Our first internet appearance is launched online. // Our second move. We move into the bright, open Ideenwerkstatt in our own building at Tübinger Str. 97 A. // The first big accident: Horst Jäkel breaks his ankle during an event in Switzerland. The project management of the shortly after following event is taken over by him from hospital bed. 2000 We stage the first exhibition “100 Jahre Stribel”. 1999 We win the European-wide pitch: conception and realisation of the customer magazine “medinews” for Agilent Technologies.

1998 The renaming to VISUELL Studio für Kommunikation means new fields of activity, new challenges. // Our first visit at the Expo in Lisbon. // Our biggest multivision: 42 computer-controlled projectors, 5 channel sound technology, event “Raum Zeit Bewegung”. 1997 Four weeks of architectural photography with large-format camera: ESAG, Dresden. 1996 We stage our first exhibition stand for the BKK Hochrhein-Wiesenthal. 1995 The first baby photo model: Daughter Laureen Knaus on the cover of a Hewlett-Packard brochure. // Our first trainees: Petra Rebhorn and Andrea Döring start their apprenticeship as advertising and media template producer. 1994 Due to complex, electronic image processing the cover pictures for the magazine “Bild der Wissenschaft” are created. // Horst Jäkel becomes a lecturer at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart.


1993 We buy our first Apple Macintosh Centris. 1992 We design and realise the annual report for the building society Schwäbisch Hall. 1991 We win the SILVERAWARD at “The Images Festival” in England. 1990 With three computer-aided trick cameras, we probably own the largest number in Germany. // We win our first pitch ”Conception and realisation of the presentation for the IBM World Congress”. 1989 The first move: We move into larger rooms at 112 Olgastr. // We stage our first event: “Die besten Autos der Welt” for Auto Motor und Sport.

1988 The first employee Priska Bühler is the second step towards a fantastic team. // The first 9-projector-multivision: 3-surface softedge- technique for Duravit. 1987 The event “Vision durch Bilder” is the first public appearance on our own name. Right in the middle of many well-known guests from the advertising industry is Karl Gerstner. // Alexander Knaus becomes a lecturer at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. // The first foreign order: a multimedia show for IBM in Brussels. 1986 Alexander Knaus and Horst Jäkel found VISUELL Studio für Bildkommunikation on 27.8.1986 at Rosenbergstr. 82 in Stuttgart.