Non-Profit-Forum GbR


The law firms Gudrun Binz-Fietkau, Dr. Stilz Behrens & Partner and VOELKER & Partner have been advising non-profit organisations for decades and have a wide and diversified experience especially in the fields of organisation, law and taxes. At the end of 2015, the organisers approach us with the idea of an annual forum. The aim of the forum is to inform and discuss current topics from the diverse field of non-profit organisations. This is intended to facilitate the work in non-profit organisations and improve their networking among each other.

The organisers are striving to establish the forum as the meeting place for the exchange of ideas between non-profit organisations in Southern Germany in the coming years.

With the forum, we would like to reach social services, associations, clubs, foundations, hospitals and nursing homes, universities, educational and research institutions, churches and church-related institutions, as well as other non-profit organisations. Therefore, in addition to conception, design and event management, our task is also the development of a suitable communication line and the establishment of cooperation with media partners in order to address the target group in the right environment.

We develop a compact flyer to inform interested parties about the upcoming forum. In addition, we design a Webseite, on which the programme and the speakers are presented and set up a portal where participants can easily register online for the forum. Through an active approach we can win 3 cooperation partners for the Stuttgart Non-Profit Forum, who draw attention to the forum in their print and online media.

On 26 October 2017, the first Stuttgart Non-Profit Forum takes place in the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart. Already at the entrance a 5-meter-long banner welcomes the participants to the forum. At the accreditation desk, they receive a folder with all the necessary presentation documents, programme flyers, question cards for interaction and magazines of the cooperation partners. After the welcome and a keynote speech, the participants are divided into three rooms, each of which gives a lecture on one of the topic panels organisation, tax, law. Experts present models, discuss with the participants and critically examine the solutions presented. They are also available to answer questions during breaks and at lunch, because networking and meaningful exchange of ideas are the top priorities on this day.

The team of VISUELL accompanied the development process of our forum very well. We are happy about the appealing ambience, the technical execution and the professional support of the first conference as well as about the current preparations for the second forum.
Gudrun Binz-Fietkau, Founding Member of the Stuttgart Non-Profit-Forum

After an exciting and content-rich day the first Stuttgarter Non-Pofit-Forum closes with a foresight to the future. The completed feedback forms are all very positive and allow us and the organisers to work with pleasure on the tasks and topics for the next forum. It will take place again on the last Thursday in October, 25.10.2018.